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"New planet detected" > Astropi Label is 100% driven by artistic needs, feelings and intuition !
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Astropi (pronounced /a:stropI/ the french way) is :

  • a platform between artists and audience
  • a positive response to the cultural desert that threaten our societies
  • a real European adventure: the fruit of the collaboration of artists living in France, The Netherlands, and Denmark

Where the world of music has been for the greatest part dictated by the law of market, modern times offer to artists the possibility to take care of their own productions from the very first thought of a composition to the final touch.

Astropi is 100% driven by artistic needs, feelings and intuition. The quality of our productions is essential to us in terms of high quality recordings and beautiful art works.
By buying our productions on this website, you are sure to support the art, and the artists directly.