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"New planet detected" > Astropi Label is 100% driven by artistic needs, feelings and intuition !
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Astropi (pronounced /a:stropI/ the french way) is :

  • a platform between artists and audience
  • a positive response to the cultural desert that threaten our societies
  • a real European adventure: the fruit of the collaboration of artists living in France, The Netherlands, and Denmark

Where the world of music has been for the greatest part dictated by the law of market, modern times offer to artists the possibility to take care of their own productions from the very first thought of a composition to the final touch.

Astropi is 100% driven by artistic needs, feelings and intuition. The quality of our productions is essential to us in terms of high quality recordings and beautiful art works.
By buying our records on this website, you are sure to support the art, and the artists directly.

past events with Astropi until the recording of  Shade of blue, begining of the label :


may 2013 > recording of Shades of Blue, Bruxelles


april 2013 > astropi at Carré d argent Pontchateau > festival Ondulo > Frederic Nogray, Tomoko Sauvage, Mathieu Calleja, Evan Parker, Matt Wright, Roman Bestion, Virginie Gouband, Bah Moody, Philippe Foch


may 2011 > astropi at Musée des Beaux arts de Nantes > Trance Map > Evan Parker, Matt Wright, Toma Gouband


january 2011 > recording of trio O at La muse en circuit


november 2010 > astropi at Bitch > Martin Taxt


december 2010 > astropi at Mediatheque Hermeland > tri O Benoit Delbecq, Nelson Veras, Toma Gouband


august 2010 > residence of Aneris & Juan Para at festival Musique au present, Narbonne france


april 2009 > astropi at Mediatheque Hermeland > Aneris > Harmen Fraanje, Brice Soniano, Toma Gouband, Michael Moore


october 2008 till april 2009 > astropi at Carré d’argent, Pontchateau > Benoit Delbecq, Nelson veras, Toma Gouband, Michael Moore, Harmen Fraanje, Brice Soniano


february till april 2008 > astropi at Bitch, Nantes > Will Guthrie solo + Toma Gouband, Florian Tatard, Sebastien Boisseau + Nicolas Villebrun


january 2008 > coming out of 1RDR at Studio de l’ermitage & Duc des lombards, Paris.


summer 2007 > astropi explorations at Festival “Ecouter pour l’instant” > Brice Soniano, Toma Gouband invite in 3 times 3 Tobias Delius, Harmen Fraanje, Nelson Veras


may 2007 > astropi at Musée des beaux de Nantes > Silencers > Benoit Delbecq, Nils Ostendorf, Kim Myhr, Toma Gouband


june 2006 > concerts at Studio de l’ermitage, Paris > trio O Benoit Delbecq, Nelson Veras, Toma Gouband + duo Kim Myhr, Nils Ostendorf + duo Harmen Fraanje, Robin Vereyen


january 2006 > recording of 1RDR > Harmen Fraanje, Brice Soniano, Toma Gouband, Malik Mezzadri in coproduction with Cristal records