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Fraanje Mezzadri Soniano Gouband – 1RDR

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Harmen Fraanje – Piano
Malik Mezzadri – Flute, Voice
Brice Soniano – Bass
Toma Gouband – Drums, Cymbow


01. 1R1
02. Oror O Heures d’Or
03. New Planet
04. …Se Souvient de Demain
05. Nuit de Lustre
06. Pas a Passe…é
07. 1 R D R…lune R


Cristal Records, 2007

produced by Astropi



“During two timeless sets, this craftsmen’s incredible square of the sound gave to us to share a universe governed by the laws of the sound poetry. Everything in precision, in silent listening, tablecloths stretch, the bow rubs the cymbal, the double bass skips, the piano resounds with laughter of its struck ropes and the song of the flute stops leading us towards a state of awakening such as the listener seems to make body with the breath of the music. Between meditation and vibration, this journey in two parts literally transported us in an imagination of brilliant one beauty. ” Igor Juget – Sextant


“Sounds sent back until the infinity in sound colors, from brightness to vibrations, melodies in time drops, these four accomplices produce a jazz outside any formalism, radically innovative. Profoundly black and brilliant, the strange listens to and inspires in the poetry, in the thought. ” La Tribune


“A stretching music, in drizzle, in drops of sounds, where the bow on the cymbal can prevail. Radical improvisation and without cheating.” Franck Bergerot – Jazz Magazine

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