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Toma Gouband


« One doesn’t even need to ‘enter’ into the music of Toma Gouband: our ears (and eyes, if we have the pleasure of seeing him at work) are invited, by the spectacular and extraordinary organisation of colors and timbres that make up his dreaming inventive universe. Pieces of flint, natural skins covering a horizontal bass drum, which has scattered upon it tiny bells or blocks of wood, branches and twigs… pebbles rolled on the ground, inverted cymbals collcting thus all sorts of natural resonators… The high-hat cymbals have been replaced by…they’ve also been replaced by stones! Animated by an interior pulsation made from the superimposition of mysterious cycles, like so many clocks telling life’s time in polyrythms that collide and cross over each other, the music of Toma Gouband transcends the idea of an imaginary territory, for it invites us to approach it as we would a social rite or even a ceremony of love. A weaving of the tissues of sound, with wisdom, sio that we feel them as universal, as though they come or to become, for which the visual metaphor could be those traditionel Kuba cloths from Upper Zaire that made of fabrics sewn one on top of the other, to which are added motifs according to an organisation that is rigorous but seems to be governed by rules that have been transmitted only to the initiates who create them. Thus, this is a music initited by the history of the world, unique, free of the constrains imposed by convention and which responds only to its own interior strenght: a summit of the musical art.

Benoît Delbecq, november 2011 (notes of the CD « courants des vents » march 2012 @ PSI records)

Toma met and played with many great musicians, recently with Evan Parker, Benoit Delbecq, Nelson Veras, Jozef Dumoulin, Eve Risser, Magic Malik, Bruno Chevillon, Harmen Fraanje, Brice Soniano, Joachim Bedendhorst, Kim Myhr, Robin Verheyen, Antonin Tri Hoang, Will Guthrie, Michel Doneda …

He plays solo where he developes a music using singing stones on a drum setting and on cymbales used as resonnators.

” For some times I focus on numbers, observing the relation between them, the proportions that the meeting of 2 numbers shows. By using these results, understanding them, it gives the possibility of experiencing organically the relation of 2 elements in the same time. [ 2×3=6 > 2,1,1,2 ]
for some times I focus on finding instruments containing possibilities of sounds from groundy to spheric.
singing stones is a very particular and complex material witch contains a certain rythm, pulse, silence.
mixed with other elements as metal and skins, it gives the possibilty of experiencing a certain melody.

still the musician plays the material, system of reflexions, listening in many ways is an access to let it be, let it go.”

Toma created a flexible ensemble where to experience the music material he writes, compositions using his own way of writing music.
with Benoit Delbecq and Nelson Veras

He plays also with ensembles, amoung :
Trance map and As the wind with Evan Parker, Matt Wright and Mark Nauseef.
Fenetre Ovale with composer Karl Neagelen & Joris Ruhl, Amaryllis Billet, Eve Risser
Tempus with Aurelie Maisonneuve
Orca Unit with Jozef Dumoulin, Sylvaine Helary, Antonin tri Hoang, Bruno Chevillon

Astropi : with Harmen Fraanje and Brice Soniano they developped a music based on melody.
they play in trio and in quartet with Magic Malik and started a label.

Ondulo : Toma works also on sonore installations with mobiles and bells, using natural mouvment as streams, wind, pendulum.