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Welcome to Brice Soniano's website



Brice presents Adagio Assai & Beyond Time,

two complementary albums soon to be released on one double CD. The stylistic diversity of the music is as broad as the feeling of intimacy that emerges from it.


Inspirations are drawn from Marin Marais, Olivier Messiaen, Henry Purcell, Luigi Nono, Claudio Monteverdi, Maurice Ravel, Georges Brassens... 

From an electro-acoustic ensemble with the exquisite features of musicians like Nelson Veras, Joachim Badenhorst, Toma Gouband and Juan Parra Cancino to the most intimate solo double-bass tracks, the music shifts from one paradigme to another effortlessly.

Ben Sluijs & Brice Soniano _ Jazz Middel
Harmen Fraanje - Brice Soniano - Toma Gouband
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