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Photo by @prokoandpenka


1. Her Voice – The Way

2. [Reflections: on Olivier Messiaen]

3. Circle of Silence

4. Eurydice

5. [Dido’s Lament – When I am laid in earth]

6. Beyond Time

7. [Reflections: on Erik Satie]

8. Un Monde Lointain

9. Sublunary Melancholia


nelson veras | guitar

joachim badenhorst | reeds

juan parra cancino | electronics

toma gouband | drums – stones

brice soniano | double bass


”When past and future sound now. As soft as a brise may shiver a few laurel leaves under a smiling moon while the sun quietly invites the night to feel at home. Perhaps. An electroacoustic music ensemble guided by the poetry of the moment, visiting somehow, sometimes, the musics of Marin Marais, Olivier Messiaen, Henry Purcell, Erik Satie, Luigi Nono (…) stepping into what may sound tomorrow as the music of today?”


all music composed by Brice Soniano

except Dido’s Lament by Henry Purcell

recorded by Michiel Hollanders

On January 18 & 19 2012

At Orpheus Institute, Gent, Belgium

Mixed & Mastered by Nicolas Gaillard

At studio La Buissone, France


Sculpture ‘Als Catars’ by Jean-Luc Severac, Minerve, France

picture by Brice Soniano




1. Adagio Assai

2. Le Petit Cheval

3. Canso

4. Le Temps du Jasmin

5. Kukulu

6. Si Dolce Il Tormento

7. Canticum

8. December

9. Claire Fontaine (trad.)


Digital Release February 17 2020

brice soniano || | contrebasse seule


‘’In music, in the sea, in a flower, in a leaf, in an act of kindness
I see what people call God – in all these things.‘’
Pablo Casals


all composition by Brice Soniano

except Si Dolce Il Tormento by Claudio Monteverdi

Adagio Assai is inspired by Maurice Ravel

Le Petit Cheval is inspired by Georges Brassens

recorded by Guilhem Verger

On October 09 & 10 2019

At Studio les 4 Vents, Narbonne, France

Mixed & Mastered by Céline Grangier


    ” I’ve always been keen on erasing stylistic borders – avoiding to put a box, a name on the music I play. If I don’t need lines between past and future, I do need the traditional parameters of music (rhythm, melody, harmony) to be integrated with newer concepts such as timbre, space or sound texture…no more diktat of one or the others. I focused on these albums on occidental music, and namely on music from composers which had a strong impact on me. I wished Beyond Time to be nearly transparent, with very slow morphism in every piece while Adagio Assai is more dynamic and melodic where the interpretation of each piece got orchestrated with the clear intention to bring forward a different aspect of bass playing.”

Beyond Time and Adagio Assai are the 2 first parts of a triptych. These 2 albums will first come out digitally then followed by a limited physical publication made of the special edition of the 2 CD’s and a book where thoughts are gathered by the author in relation to the music on the albums and on topics such as ritual and vision, resistance and resilience, intuition vs control, sacred and profane, symbolism and polarity, tradition vs creation… More info soon.

”Soniano is one of the most imaginative and expressive bassists I happened to come across lately and his work on this album is a superb example of the role of the bass in contemporary music; no longer a background support but a soloist of equal standing and importance to the other band members. His tone, technique and ability to converse with his cohorts is nothing short of miraculous.”

Adam Baruch, September 2015, review about ‘Songbook’, Astropi #1502

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