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January 2021

ASTROPI wishes you a happy new year with positive changes ahead!!

THANK YOU for visiting us, we hope you will find some inspiration here!

As we all know, the pandemic has either canceled or delayed most of our events, we are therefore focusing on restructuring our association in order to prepare a brighter future full of music and art initiatives, and we are now delighted to present a handful of recordings realized in 2020. Most of them are already available on streaming platforms, and/or in beautiful CD lay out.

Most of Astropi’s Winter 2021 Edition feature Brice Soniano. His most recent solo opus Adagio Assai is paired with his electro-acoustic ensemble Beyond Time and should be considered as a double-album as both works are completely intertwined, a bit like night and day. To make this clear, both releases will be printed in one special paper book edition which we will be looking forward to realizing for you this Spring.

La Léa and Childhood feature the beautiful and powerful sound palette of french guitarist Matia Levréro. Both of these albums were recorded in the Studio 4 Vents in Narbonne and were mixed by the multi-talented Guilhem Verger – second element of the duo Magui (Childhood).

With Un Peu Plus Loin, Toma Gouband gives us a solo piece based on a collaboration with french artist Stéphane Tidet, re-visited by the electronic wizards Juan Parra Cancino, Matt Wright, Roman Bestion and Christophe Havard.

Via Mundi  reveals a colorful album full of paradoxes. Scandinavian phlegmatic moods and peaceful poetry are altered by the ardor of Brazilian rhythms – featuring one of the most powerful team Pandeiro Repique duo from Rio de Janeiro

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