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Joachim Badenhorst

Joachim Badenhorst appears on the following Astroπ releases:


`[Badenhorst] combines a never-ending search for adventure, a natural direction and a warm tone into an interesting and personal story…. A wonderful storyteller…` – Knack Magazine

Joachim was chosen as one of the ‘Rising Star Clarinet’  in the 2013 Annual Downbeat Critics Poll (USA).

Joachim was chosen as one of the ‘Clarinet players of 2013’ in the Annual Intruso Critics Poll (Argentina)

Joachim Badenhorst was chosen ‘Clarinet Player of the year’ in the 2011 Annual Intruso Critics Poll (Argentina)

Reedist Joachim Badenhorst’s (°1981 Antwerpen) work ranges from solo improvisation, collaborative encounter and project with John Butcher and Paul Lytton, to compositions for his septet Carate Urio Orchestra. After years of academic training, he has since, and continues to, divided his time drifting between Belgium and different cities in the US and Europe. Now, Joachim is delving into a re-imagination of the boundaries between improvisation and composition, of abstract sound explorations and harmonic passage, and continues to attempt at a more intimate and site-specific aesthetic language that can resonate with different audiences. Since four years ago, he started the label KLEIN through which he began to engage himself in visual conceptions and self-made releases and objects.