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"New planet detected" > Astropi Label is 100% driven by artistic needs, feelings and intuition !
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Brice Soniano, bass/  Harmen Fraanje, piano/and Toma Gouband, drums/are 3 europeen  musicians who   met in 2001 for a french tour and their first recording.
Since they play in trio and invite great musicians to join them.
With Magic Malik they develop a special music since 2006.

They did 2 recordings in 4te :
1rdr (Cristal records 2007) Nyamaropa (Astropi 2016)

2 recordings in trio :
Par4chemins (Cristal records 2005)
Shades of blue (Astropi 2014)

Their music focus on melody, harmony, rythm, texture, inspiration, intuition, numbers, long cycles, polyrythm, independant voices, colors, singing, listening, love, magic, elements, sound.

Since the release “Shades of blue” they created Astropi , a structure gathering artists throught actions, events, festival, work shop, productions and Cds.

coming to Japan :

” We wish to give and present our music in Japan , meet and play with artists from visual art and dance , get inspired by different aspects of the culture, the lands and express in performances and in a recording. The idea is to work around Shade , shades of color, mouvment and sound. We wish to create a link between people met from playing in Japan together and in a second time invite them to perform in europe.

To reach these wishes we propose :

concerts in trio
concerts in trio inviting visual artist (Zoé Schellenbaum) and dance (Kana Nakamura)
residence and recording of the 3rd album in 4te (trio and Magic Malik)
concerts in quartet”