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"New planet detected" > Astropi Label is 100% driven by artistic needs, feelings and intuition !
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Welcome at the Astropi website
Ethics, Music and Arts : a platform for a creative community
Astropi is 100% driven by artistic needs, feelings and intuition
By buying our records on this website, you are sure to support the art, and the artists directly.


  • 1to0_astropi_gouband_delbecq_veras
    reviews 1>0 **** jazzmagazine, citizen…

    “Enregistrée en janvier 2010 aux studios de la Muse en Circuit, la musique féérique et ultrasensorielle de ce trio singulier composé du percussionniste Toma Gou...

  • nyamaropa_hq
    NYAMAROPA – release tour!

    NYAMAROPA will very soon be available on this website. Latest release of the quartet FRAANJE/MEZZADRI/SONIANO/GOUBAND, it was recorded end of August 2016! If you can, be ...

  • shades
    Fraanje/Soniano/Gouband : Shades of Blue // press quotes

     The title track is first and has a hushed elegance permeating, solemn, sublime. Since much of this music is so sparse, each note or sound is well-placed. There is a gho...

  • SONGBOOK_CD_front
    SONGBOOK // press reviews

    ‘…Commencing with “Polka Dots and Moonbeams”, the trio play this song with a quaint, hushed elegance. So fine. You would think that it would be difficult ...

  • digifile
    1>0 Benoit Delbecq, Toma Gouband, Nelson Veras > New release!

    NEW RELEASE ! 1>0, a trio recording with Benoit Delbecq on prepared piano, Nelson Veras on guitare and Toma Gouband on drums/percussions. The music is based on circula...

  • enola
    FRAANJE/SONIANO/GOUBAND interview by GUY PETERS (in dutch)

    ”…Het suggereert dat de drie op zoek zijn naar een verbondenheid met de natuur, wat voor een stuk ook bevestigd werd door de muziek en het voorafgaande gespre...