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Out of the Wild


Trio Out of the Wild, featuring ECM-recording pianist Harmen Fraanje, bassist Brice Soniano, and drummer Toma Gouband, is deeply grounded in the concept of ‘flow.' Whether they're creating beautiful, lyrical compositions or exploring rhythmically transcendent grooves, the flow remains the heartbeat of their music. Some of their compositions are expressed through non-traditional, often circle-shaped scores, introducing a visually captivating dimension to their music. Gouband, renowned for his pioneering use of stones in percussion, enriches the trio's sound with an earthy, primal, and organic quality. Their inspiration flows from the beauty of nature, the profound details of form, and, furthermore, from cultures deeply connected to natural settings. A transformative expedition to the Equatorial rainforest in Cameroon, where Soniano and Gouband lived alongside the Baka Pygmies, deeply resonates in the trio's music.

Harmen Fraanje – Piano

Brice Soniano – Double Bass

Toma Gouband – Drums, Stones, Leaves

" heart-warming hypnosis, a piece of silent poetry that you rarely hear "

Guy Peters, Enola Magazine


Harmen Fraanje

According to the internationally renowned website AllAboutJazz ‘Harmen Fraanje is emerging as one of the most impressive young European pianists of the past decade.’
He leads and co-leads several groups like trio Reijseger Fraanje Sylla, a trio with Brice Soniano and Toma Gouband and a recently founded trio Peltomaa Fraanje Perkola. Besides that he’s a sideman in several groups of Norwegian bass player Mats Eilertsen and member of the Michael Moore Quartet. With these projects he frequently performs at festivals and concert venues throughout the world. Recordings of the projects he’s involved in have been released by eminent labels like ECM, Winter & Winter, Hubro Music, Challenge Jazz.
Harmen collaborated with the likes of Ambrose Akinmusire, Mark Turner, Kenny Wheeler, Arve Henriksen, Thomas Morgan, Tony Malaby, Werner Herzog.
Harmen is in the faculty of the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he teaches principal subject Piano Jazz and ensembles.

Brice Soniano

‘Soniano is one of the most imaginative and expressive bassists I happened to come across lately and his work on this album is a superb example of the role of the bass in contemporary music; no longer a background support but a soloist of equal standing and importance to the other band members. His tone, technique and ability to converse with his cohorts is nothing short of miraculous.’
Adam Baruch, September 2015
Brice loves to involve himself in musics from different times and cultures. He has been a soloist with the Orchestre de Montpellier for the creation of Mathis Nitshke opera’ Jetzt , and has traveled to the equatorial rain forest of Cameroon to live with a population of Baka pygmies. Brice plays with musicians such as Joachim Badenhorst, Nelson Veras, Ben Sluijs, Lionel Malric, Lionel Beuvens, Levent Yildirim.

Toma Gouband

Toma Gouband’s instrument is seemingly simple: a horizontal bass drum, whose surface is scattered with tiny bells, blocks of wood, branches and twigs, and a collection of stones from around the world… Pebbles are rolled on the ground, and in place of cymbals – more twigs and stones. Gouband does not add to this assortment of things – neither a computer nor any other electronics; and yet, he creates music which sounds like the most tender, complicated and delicately nuanced electroacoustic pieces, which at the same time retains a deep connection to the most profound and arcane insights about the relationship between music and the natural world. The way Gouband succeeds in this is through pulse. This entire apparatus is animated by an interior pulsation, born from years of research into the possibility of acting and playing with several superimposed simultaneous internal clocks, several mysterious cycles, from which he creates polyrhythmic patterns, weaving sound tissues which are threaded into beautiful temporal fabrics, intertwined with colorful radiant motifs, governed by rules that seems to have been transmitted only to the most devoted of initiates.

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